About Us

Pasenco Co.. with over 20 years of experience in water and wastewater engineering, especially focusing on industrial and municipal wastewater treatment has been able to step though a small but effective take on water and wastewater engineering. In addition, with continuous research and development, we are able to improve and the reliable services, to our customers on activities in water and wastewater projects. Our company also obtained the representation and interaction with reputable companies like, EnviroSim Associates LTD.Canada and the EMS (European) Ltd.UK.

We have a highly qualified staff of professionals and support personnel specifically trained and experienced to provide our clients:

  1. Environmental Engineering PhD.
  2. MechanicEngineering PhD.
  3. Water and Wastewater Engineering MSc.
  4. Electrical Engineering MSc.
  5. Civil Engineering MSc.
  6. Chemistry MSc
  7. Associate Degree in Water and Wastewater
  8. Associate Degree in Mechanical