About Us

Pasenco has over 20 years of experience in environmental engineerings such as wastewater engineering, energy saving in the industry and air pollution. In addition, through continuous research and development, we can improve our products and services in all of our activities fields for our customers. One of our mission on our activities fields is the training course for university students, industry managers, environmental experts for increasing and developing their knowledge on environmental fields like wastewater treatment systems, saving energy and environmental management in industries. Our company also acquired representation and interaction with reputable companies such as EnviroSim Associates LTD. in Canada, EMS (European) Ltd.in the UK and BMB in Italy. We know all of these activities are not enough but may be effective in protecting the global environment

We have a highly qualified staff of professionals and support personnel specifically trained and experienced to provide our clients:

  1. Environmental Engineering PhD.
  2. MechanicEngineering PhD.
  3. Water and Wastewater Engineering MSc.
  4. Electrical Engineering MSc.
  5. Civil Engineering MSc.
  6. Chemistry MSc
  7. Associate Degree in Water and Wastewater
  8. Associate Degree in Mechanical