BW Controller

BW Controller Information

BW Controller is a separate Microsoft Windows-based which links to a BioWin configuration and allows specification of a range of process control features commonly employed in wastewater treatment systems.

EnviroSim has developed the BW Controller to address complex process control issues. BW Controller introduces another level of sophistication into your BioWin simulations without increasing the complexity of using BioWin.

Improvements in online measurement technology (increased number of measurable parameters; improved reliability; decreased cost and maintenance requirements) have allowed the development of more complex, innovative, and effective control systems for wastewater treatment. The BW Controller allows you to simulate these more advanced process control strategies; for example:

  • Setting dissolved oxygen setpoint levels based on reactor ammonia concentration. The dissolved oxygen concentration itself is then controlled by manipulating the air flow rate.
  • Control of mixed liquor recycle stream flow rate based on effluent nitrate concentration.
  • Control mixed liquor suspended solids concentrations by adjusting wastage flow rate.
  • Using pH measurements to adjust/switch air flow to control sidestream nitrogen removal processes.
  • Change chemical dosing rates based on influent and effluent flows or concentrations.
  • Adjusting on/off aeration periods to maintain alkalinity/pH levels.
  • A range of controller types can be selected:
  • On/Off control
  • High/Low control
  • High/Low/Zero control
  • Ratio control
  • Proportional (P)
  • Proportional-Integral (PI)
  • Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID)
  • BW Controller’s online Help and Tutorials provide comprehensive user support. Further resources, such as a Discussion Forum, also are available on EnviroSim web site.

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