PetWin Information

PetWin is a Microsoft Windows-based simulator used in the analysis and design of petroleum and petrochemical industry wastewater treatment plants. The figure below shows an example of a nitrogen removal system configuration set up in PetWin. Many different process units can be included to "build" a specific treatment plant configuration.

The facility to view simulation results rapidly, and in detail, is of paramount importance in the design and analysis of systems.

PetWin incorporates an Album for this purpose. The Album consists of a series of tabbed pages (somewhat like recent spreadsheet programs) showing simulation results in tabular and/or graphical format. The figure below shows example views of Album pages.

PetWin offers a number of features to aid in creating attractive, professional reports, and includes its own internal Notes editor to help keep track of project details. It is very easy to get results from PetWin into a word processor or spreadsheet.

Charts, tables, system configuration layouts, etc. can be copied and pasted from PetWin to reports. Tables can be exported as tabbed text and then quickly converted to tables.

PetWin's online Help and Tutorials provide comprehensive user support. Further resources, such as a Discussion Forum

also are available on this web site