Saving Energy

Some of Iranian Industries that Installed EnviroStart units on their e-motors :

  1. Khorasan Razavi Province Water & Wastewater Co.Case: Water Pumps
  2. Mashhad Water & Wastewater Co.Case : Water Pump
  3. Coca Cola Co.Case : Air Compresor and Water Pump
  4. Iran Shargh Co.Case: Metal Press
  5. Saipa Group Co.5- Saipa Group Co.
  6. Mega Motors Co.Case: Air compresor
  7. Oroumiyeh Power Supplier Co.Case: Water Pump
  8. Beyhagh Slaughterhouse Co.Case: Blowers
  9. Pak Slaughterhouse Co.Case: Blower
  10. 8- Omidiheh Gas producre and Pump StationCase: Air compresors
  11. 9- Kian Trade CenterCase: Escalator